I was born and raised in Athens, next to a tender rock that throughout the years has always been by my side; others call her Maro. I call her mom.
Growing up I wanted to be a football player, then a doctor, a fashion and furniture designer, whilst, at the same time, I was a scout, a climber and a secret observer of my feelings before I ended up studying architecture at AA in London.
That’s where I experienced new locus and focus to all, which I loved.
On my return to Athens, I engaged with the artists Charalambous and Kessanlis, while working for my father's construction company for four years. I wanted to comprehend what the underlying line is, that connects building to “the building”. At the same time, I was trying to understand what the means needed were, in order to gain the cherished printed pieces of paper, which until then I only knew how to use up in creative ways.
Subsequently, I stopped working with my father and started collaborating with my brother; this did not evolve either. By keeping some distance, I began understanding them and this made me love them even more, since I felt the same for myself.
In 2000, I was given the opportunity to design and build a private school from the heart in a place called Karditsa (literally meaning “small heart”), which was in fact extremely difficult!
I undertook the assignment in December and by September the school had to be filled with children. This was my first step starting the ascent on my own mountain.
Assembling all my reserves, mental and financial, but also with a heavy load on my back credited from the bank in 2004-2005, I built my own space, the “Workshop”; my own architectural and creative workshop.
Believing that Architecture is not only designing buildings but human lives as well, I kept on climbing more mountains, high or low: Heart(h), +Biosis, No-one, Earth-light, always hoping to reach the top, so I could see an even taller distant top emerging from the horizon.
Architecture includes urban, building, furniture and object design, even art, since all these comprise the environment in which we live in. They should be designed based on logic and functionality, but in order to be human, they must involve vision and sentiments.
Those are the elements that give meaning to my life and those same elements I want to define my work.