Architects: Dionisis Sotovikis, Anastasis Sotovikis | Collaborating architects: Konstantina Mpatziou | Structural Engineer: Christos Papadopoulos | Construction: Anastasis Sotovikis | Mechanical Engineer: Dimitris Mantas | Photos: Dimitris Benetos, Erieta Attali |2008

This is a four storey multi-residence building located in the south suburb of Voula. Simplicity and clear geometry are combined with transparency in order to allow the building to develop a close relationship with its surroundings and mainly the amazing sea view. This communication with the sea was the basis upon which the architects based their fundamental architectural principles.

  • Large transparent glass surfaces on the corner of the building uninterrupted by any vertical elements

  • the plunge/dive board balcony extending towards the big blue across the street

  • dividing the volume into two separate buildings with such a distance between them, so that the view towards the sea is maintained also at a second level of the façade of the building at the back.