Architects: Dionisis Sotovikis, Kirki Mariolopoulou | Collaborating architect: Mirto Tzortzi | Structural Engineer: Christos Papadopoulos | Construction: Dionisis Sotovikis | Photos: Vangelis Paterakis, Erieta Attali |2010

The renovation of an apartment in a building constructed in 1938 is an opportunity for architectural experimentation. The structural elements of the apartment that cannot be changed, lightwells, columns, beams and windows, are coated with refined copper, a material constantly changing highlighting the enduring value of the building. The external wall has been thickened to incorporate libraries, closets and storage areas.
The dark colour frames of the windows come in contrast with the white walls creating and emphasizing the sense of light while diminishing the size of the walls.
The space is continuous aesthetically and visually. The use of transparent glass walls instead of solid allows city images to enter the apartment. The two lightwells are the central elements of the architectural design. Around the first, a glass cube is designed that negotiates the idea of personal space. The glass cube sometimes is covered by a curtain and sometimes is left exposed to the indiscreet eyes. The visitor can move around the cube as it actually belongs to the living room. A glass spiral sofa has been placed around the second skylight, in order to accommodate and host the needs for sociability.